1. teach me no shame

    teach me | no shame

    teach me | no | shame

    Is there some sort of chemical thing that goes on within my body to incline me towards feelings of shame and embarrassment whenever I do things like exist? Unless this is normal then idk but I’m pretty sure it isn’t and humans are not supposed to feel like this this often help


    21 pilots makes me wish I was L Dizzle or something because rapping would complete my solo karaoke sessions

    Anyways I came here to tell me to stop being embarrassed and that it’s okay and trust the world a little more, I’m sure they’re not as judgamental as you think it’ll be ok


    but that’s all I want to do

    but there’s nowhere to run when u r runnin frum ur own mind 


  2. Careless People

    I’ve never thought deeply about that line in Great Gatsby until recently, about how careless Tom and Daisy were. 

    Truth is, I think that’s the way we all are. We’re all careless in some way, and I’m sure we’ve all trampled on someone’s feelings or hopes or dreams in some way. 

    I’d like to whine about how careless people of the world have broken my heart and reduced me to a turtle in shell more than out. 

    But the truth is, I am sure I’ve been a Tom or Daisy at one point. And I will most likely be a Tom or Daisy again, at some point in the future, despite my greatest efforts to not be. 

    I am trying very hard to be sensitive to others. And you know, I’ve recently come to terms with how sensitive I am. I used to play it cool and tell the world I don’t feel and I don’t care but I’m actually very much like a snail that finds the salt in everything. 

    The thing is, I know there is no intentional salt there. For the most part anyways, because the voice inside me that tells me everyone hates me and I am only spoken to out of pity. But for the most part, I can understand that people have better things to do than hate me and spite me. But I still manage to find poison in everything people say. 

    Is there really poison there? Even if you did not put it there, I have been poisoned. Because you are careless and because I am sensitive. Oh sensitive people of the world, it is a difficult place for us. 

    It just really sucks, because I go out of my way to try and make sure people are comfortable and I don’t say hurtful things, when there are very few people in the world who do this, and I am just doing a useless thing. 

    I really just need to toughen up. But why can’t we all be nice. 


  3. Expected Family Contribution

    You know, I find the word choice there funny. “Contribution.” “The EFC is a measure of how much you can contribute to the cost of your education.” It’s just really funny to me, that they’d refer to it in this way. “Here, you can contribute this.” But really, it’s “Hey, you better give us this.” Actually, I should put that in context. “Hey, you better give us this ridiculous sum of money so you can get an education and contribute to the world later on.” Contributions. The places I want to contribute to won’t let me contribute, and the places I don’t want to contribute are making me contribute. What is the world we live in? Why is it so hard to help people? Because chasing your dreams is supposed to be hard. I should’ve picked an easier dream and helped people as a hobby or something. 


  4. I know as a biology major I should know better but how do I kill all the bacteria in my stomach they need to stop partying it up in there whenever I resort to drinking coffee and then realizing coffee is bitter as eff so I drown it in milk but lactose intolerant for the most part or well, I need to not be doing anything when lactose has been consumed so that my body may focus on processing that nonsense but that doesn’t happen on school days and 8ams fucq u bacteria gtfo my stomach stop producing gas and partying and pain and ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

  5. mymodernmet:

    This fairytale treehouse in Hokuto, Japan is supported by a single cypress trunk and surrounded by a bevy of cherry blossom trees. Built by architect Terunobu Fujimori for the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, the charming treehouse is actually a Japanese teahouse that was built specifically for enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

  6. mothernaturenetwork:

    Chemist creates corpse-smelling cologne that could save you from the zombie apocalypse
    This cologne with notes of rotting flesh might serve as a good zombie-repellent, but it probably won’t win you many dates.

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  7. Fuq youth

    I want to be old and wise and have neverending patience


  8. Things you learn in college

    Nearly halfway through my college education, I’m thinking that the most important thing that I’ve learned is that: I’m not invincible. 

    And it’s amazing how many times you can learn something. I’m learning it again and again and again. I am not invincible. Sometimes I need help. Sometimes I need rest. And sometimes I just screw up. 

    Thomas Edison teach me your ways how do I not sleep how do I powernap effectively



    Why can’t sweating be voluntary and controllable. So I could just hold in all the sweat and release it whenever convenient. I wish menstruation worked that way too. Why can’t everything be like peeing. 

    And why can’t every have hyperhidrosis and be understanding so that we don’t have to deal with social anxiety as if I don’t deal with enough of that in my life 

    And why do all the treatments on it sound useless and how do I live with this